Once you are situated in the comfy HOOKAH LOUNGE™ you’ll be greeted by the “Hookah Host,” our hookah master. He/She will introduce you to the splendor of smoking the hookah by guiding you through the entire process. The first step is the introduction of our 20 + selection of premium flavored tobaccos.

The “Hookah Host” will deliver a tray of flavored tobacco capsules to your table that will enable you to experience the aroma of each one until you find one that you like. Many times our guests at the same table cannot agree on one flavor so the negotiations begin.

This is where the “Hookah Host” displays his/her expertise by offering selections and describing the flavor, aroma and essence of the various shisha flavors. If the guests still disagree, the “Hookah Host” will answer questions on combining flavors together for a mixed flavor. Only the “Hookah Host” can answer such questions, as some flavored tobaccos do not blend as well as others do. They are experts on how the various flavored tobaccos burn and at what rate they burn. This, among other factors affect the quality and length of the hookah smoking experience.

Once you have made your flavored tobacco selection, the “Hookah Host” will personally prepare your hookah. It takes about 15 minutes to prepare the hookah which gives our guests enough time to peruse our specialty drink and wine lists. This is also the time in which the hookah smokers tempt the non-smokers to try the hookah. The irony being that traditionally, the non-smokers gravitate to the hookahs more passionately than their counterparts once that they have given it a try.

From what we understand about non-smokers, smoking and enjoying the hookah comes from the realization that smoking from the hookah is void of any negative sensation during inhalation. A look of amazement usually follows after the first puff. In essence, there is no sensation other than the enjoyment of the fruity flavors and aromas that fill the air. Because of the filtration system of the water and hose, and lack of paper burning (such as cigars and cigarettes) the inhalation is so mild that is essentially non existent.

During the hookah delivery, the “Hookah Host” arrives at your table with a special hand potion that is fragrant with the smell of fresh cut citrus. This special Turkish potion is gently poured into the palms of the hands to stimulate the senses for the ultimate smoking experience. Next, he explains the preparation method and the etiquette of hookah smoking.

When all are ready to start the hookah, the “Hookah Host” gives each guest their own mouthpiece. The “Hookah Host” then takes three deep puffs of the Hookah as a gesture of “Good Luck” to the guests. This starts the process and the rest is up to our guests.